SJQMA Regional Race

SJQMA would like to thank everyone for coming out this past weekend and racing! We hope you enjoyed your stay at our track. We know it was HOT, but our kids never gave up they just kept doing what they love to do! Thank you to our tower crew, Christina Healy, Danielle Bozowski, Bonnie Lee, Michele Magee, our Race Director Keith, all of our Assistant Race Directors, our Pit Steward, Kelly Hixon, our flaggers, Nicole Flood, Robbie Clugsten and TJ, you all were amazing! Thank you to Wade Roberson, John Miller, Rob Mancini and Tony Bozowski for prepping and preparing the track, the track was AWESOME all weekend! Thank you to Waterford EMS for being with us all weekend and keeping an eye on all of us and being right there whenever we needed you. Great job to all drivers for giving it your all and your dedication! Congratulations to all of our A Main Feature Winners!