Clash in the Pines

Saturday July 22 is the Clash in the Pines double feature race.

s from 10:30 till 11:30 with races starting at 12.

Race format will be a full round of practice followed by double features.

The starting positions in the first feature will be set by practice lap speeds.

The second feature starting position will be a complete invert of the first feature finishing positions.

March Meeting and Activites

The March meeting scheduled for Tuesday March 14 has been postponed until Saturday March 18 due to the impending snowstorm. The Meeting will be held during the opening track duties.

Opening track will occur Saturday March 18 at 10 AM. Rookie School will commence at 10AM with classroom time followed by track time at 12:00

Saturday March 25 is the Driver’s Experience at 10 AM with Sunday as the rain date